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 Random Haikus

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fox demon

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PostSubject: Re: Random Haikus   Sun 26 Jul - 4:37

(im just posting random haikus i think up)
there is no purpose
for earth and humanity
but to die one day
our bodies are bad
for they are just weak prisons
easily broken
if the world ended
i would chose it to be fire
because its like us
if the world ended
i would choose it to be ice
because it feels nice
the apocalypse
it will be upon us soon
get ready for doom
the lost souls of dead
they are merely tally scores
for we are a game
we are chess pieces
there are only two players
which one are you with
( i thought those up as i went along)
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Saya Otonashi

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PostSubject: Re: Random Haikus   Tue 28 Jul - 11:28

Very nice, I like them!


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Random Haikus
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