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 Giruru Platoon- A Sgt Frog Fanfic

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PostSubject: Giruru Platoon- A Sgt Frog Fanfic   Thu 22 Oct - 10:22

Ok so I was bored and wanted Sgt Frog to be more serious so heres the product of it plus a day off from school watching episode 24 for 46 of sgt frog:

Cicadas chirped outside the Hinata household that night, inside however it was quiet, too quiet. Down stairs in Keroro's room he sat, patiently in front of the television. Giroro sat in the corner polishing his gun and mumbling quietly to himself about how they should be getting on with the invasion. Kururu sat up on a comfy armchair looking through some book for idea's for one of his new inventions. Tamama was happily chowing down on a large slice of cake and drinking warm milk.

Soon the silence was interrupted, Keroro stood up and addressed them all, “Now that all the members of the Kero Platoon are present I would like to announce that we have a letter!” Keroro had no idea what was in the letter, and nobody seemed to notice that they weren't all there and that one was missing, Dororo. Keroro opened the letter, he cleared his throat, “Hello members of the Kero platoon, I haven't seemed to have received any good news on the invasion or any sign of invasion. Because of this I have reason to re-assign to leader of the Kero platoon, which should be renamed accordingly.” Giroro looked up from his gun, was he joking. Tamama looked up, she didn't want Keroro to get upset. Kururu quietly laughed to himself, he couldn't care less.

“I-is this r-real?” Keroro questioned re-reading the end, “the new leader should actually be two that way I can be sure that the invasion goes along to plan. The two new leaders shall be Giroro and Kururu.”
Giroro stood up and walked over to Keroro, he swiped the letter and looked over it again. “So Kururu any ideas?”
Kururu walked over smiling, “Ku ku ku ku kuuu,” he read the paper himself, “ku ku ku things will definitely change around here, most likely for the better.”
Keroro was upset he sat in the corner and cried, Tamama, worried about him, ran over and patted him on the back, “Gunsou-san, it will be alright.”

Kururu stood up, “Tamama,” he said, “comforting him will only make him weak and make things worse.”
Giroro nodded, “At least everybody knows the change so there won't be any problems.”
Tamama looked back at them then back at Keroro, he sighed standing up. He was upset but knew that he had to do this, “I'm sorry Gunsou-san,” he said running back to Giroro and Kururu, “you are still part of the platoon, at least we are still together!”
“Tamama,” Keroro looked at the 'fridge' with teary eyes, “you are so naive.”

Kururu, Giroro and Tamama walked down a long pathway. They ended up at Kururu's base , Kururu opened the door and walked in. He walked straight to the front and sat down in his chair, Giroro followed him up and Tamama stood several meters back from the chair saluting them.
“Kururu, Giroro,” he said in his childish voice, “what will be your first action as platoon leader?”
“Ku ku ku, “Kururu turned to look at Tamama, “I wish for you to show your loyalty to us.”
Tamama was confused but nodded in agreement anyway, “I will show my loyalty to you!”
Kururu smiled signalling to Giroro to pass him a gun, Giroro walked over to a rack and brought a gun over to the new co-leader. Kururu then tossed to gun over to the confused Tamama. Tamama stumbled with the gun but soon grasped it tightly.

“What's this for Kururu?” He asked turning it towards himself.
“Ku ku ku ku ku,” Kururu grinned, “show your loyalty to us by killing Keroro.”
“Kururu!?” Giroro stepped back in horror, “are you seriously going to kill Keroro!?”
“But I can't kill Gunsou-san,” he paused throwing the gun at Kururu, “I promised him it will be alright!”
Kururu was mad, not only was Tamama not obeying him, he threw a gun at him, he turned around and pressed some buttons on his computer. He laughed once again, Giroro was now becoming weary of Kururu and wondering if it was in his best mind to not let Kururu get away with that and anything else he had up his sleeve.
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Giruru Platoon- A Sgt Frog Fanfic
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