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 AMVs and everything like that

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PostSubject: AMVs and everything like that   Sun 8 Nov - 21:04

As far as I know, we do not have an AMV topic, and I have realized it is of the upmost importance that we have one!

SO, I've been really into AMVs lately, sparked by the videoes I saw at Youmacon. This thread is dedicated to everything about AMVs. Like, what are your favorites, do you like a particular AMV maker, some songs you hate used in AMVs, etc.


(P.S. Nostromo rules).

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PostSubject: Re: AMVs and everything like that   Sun 6 Jun - 23:27

My 1st AMV ^^
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PostSubject: Re: AMVs and everything like that   Mon 7 Jun - 1:44

Upmost Importance? You sound like the world is going to end or something. You sound like without an AMV thread life could not go on. Earth would become a barren planet.

I was going to post my favorite AMV but Youtube is being Gay and decided that it's no longer available or some crap. So instead I'm going to post this video for the fun of it.