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 Favourite skip beat character

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PostSubject: Favourite skip beat character   Wed 7 Apr - 19:57

What's your favorite skip beat character?
even though i haven't finished the anime mine is no other than Tsuruga Ren~
Because of his wonderfully cold personality and the way he smiles whenever he's angry causing all his foes to feel a killing chilling aura, that is.


apparently that's him..i have no reason to upload someone other than him actually...enjoy :P


Please feed them they'll grow to be veery nice :D
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PostSubject: Re: Favourite skip beat character   Tue 13 Apr - 0:51

Favorite is Kyoko of course! You can't help but love her and all the stuff she get's herself into! I like Ren, but I also like Sho (once he comes to his sense later on). This is one series where I'm dying to see Kyoko get with Ren, but then Sho comes along and redeems hisself. So it's easily the best romance manga I've ever read!
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Favourite skip beat character
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