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 Why did the anime have to stop!

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PostSubject: Why did the anime have to stop!   Tue 25 May - 6:46

Why did the anime hav to stop!! I've read all manga books for fruits basket and wish it would be in anime too! because that would juss be awesome! so why did they hav to end the anime first!? i need answers! please!! that would be cool if we could talk to the producer or watever person started the anime and tell them to keep making the anime!! Bigsmile haha right whos with me??
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PostSubject: Re: Why did the anime have to stop!   Tue 25 May - 13:13

Alot of anime's finish up quickly and somthing that I have found in alot is that they start making the anime while the manga is still going and decide to give it a fake ending to satisfy the fans. For example they made Negima and anime but the manga is still being written to this day, even though Fruits Basket is finished that is the only thing I can really think of.

It is sad when an anime is stopped especilly if the manga keeps going but in a way sometimes it's good. I liked the ending of the Fruits Basket anime and probobly wouldn't have enjoyed it if it kept going because of the depression and Hatsaharu.
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Why did the anime have to stop!
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