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 Who loves Gakuen Alice?

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Who loves Gakuen Alice? Empty
PostSubject: Who loves Gakuen Alice?   Who loves Gakuen Alice? EmptyTue 1 Jun - 19:35

I really love it!! I've watched the anime and I am still waiting for chapter 132 to come out! I juss love Natsume and Mikan!! Inlove Which part do you guys love the most?!

a) When Natsume and Mikan kissed on the tree at the Christmas Party!
b) When Natsume came in her room and huged her.(because she was crying for Tsubasa)
c) When Natsume gave her his alice stone threw the window!
d) When Nastume said "I dont want to give this hand of yours to someone else...I want to become and adult and bring you out and run away with you" xD
e) Or when he said she looks better with her hair down.
f) Natsume used mask, brought Mikan in the borrowing race as the person he loves,
g) Or when Natsume huged Mikan from the back with a mask(Because he was forced by Luna to her Mikan with his words.)
h) OR ALL THE SPECIAL PARTS! Even when he said he's going to run away with her and protect her! And I didn't like his expression when Mikan decided to go run away with her mum. Sad!! he said he will protect her
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Who loves Gakuen Alice?
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