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 FEARnet.com’s Mari-Kari

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PostSubject: FEARnet.com’s Mari-Kari   Thu 3 Jun - 21:28

Hey guys, FEARnet.com’s Mari-Kari premieres today! It’s an anime style horror series starring Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed). Think Sailor Moon meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! FEARnet’s hosting a Watch & Win, so if you comment on the episodes, you can win cool prizes, just for commenting!!! I watched a few webisodes myself and I think it’s pretty awesome, nothing like gore and blood in cartoon format to make me smile

Here’s a link to the show:


So, what do ya’ think?
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PostSubject: Re: FEARnet.com’s Mari-Kari   Fri 4 Jun - 1:55

This should be in the 'Anime Discussion' area.

As for the show itself, it certainly looks. . . interesting. I'm not very fond of the artstyle but the devil kid and ghost looking girl intrigue me. However, blood and guts are not my style and therefore I will not be watching this.

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FEARnet.com’s Mari-Kari
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