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 Least Favorite Character

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PostSubject: Least Favorite Character   Mon 7 Jun - 4:00

So, I did not like Kallen, Nina, Nunally, Rolo, and Tamaki.
My reasons:
I did not like Kallen because I thought she was a bit too high on her horse for me. I didn't find her amusing at all and I just loved how her love for Lelouch shone though when she abandoned him along with the rest of the Black Knights. Overall terrible character for me.
Nina, is someone who I really hated in the second season because she became so annoying and I really did not like her attitude toward most things. She didn't come off as a very nice character to me, always snubbing the Elevens.
I did like Nunally up until the end of the second season where I really grew to not like her quite rapidly. One minute she is saying Lelouch is an evil demon who she hates and the next
Rolo just got really annoying with his clingy, clingy attitude toward Lelouch. His whole plot to kill Nunally behind Lelouch's back was a bit upsetting to me.
Tamaki. It takes one word to sum this guy up: annoying. He just blabbed on and on about how him and Zero were best buds when it really wasn't anywhere close to the truth (he was probably near the bottom of Lelouch's important people list). Some much for best buds
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Least Favorite Character
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