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 Nico Nico Choruses and Vocamash

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PostSubject: Nico Nico Choruses and Vocamash   Wed 1 Sep - 0:44

Vocaloid is a vast fandom and there's a lot of stuff that happens that most fans (including myself) don't really know about (or want to know about). However, I've recently come across some interesting aspects of vocaloid that I didn't even know existed. These are Nico Nico Choruses and Vocamashes.

Nico Nico Choruses can be of any song but are usually made for vocaloid songs. NNCs are covers of vocaloid songs that contain a lot of of people singing the same song. The most I've seen is 12 people on the same song but most of them fall below that. NNCs contain a variety of voices that are only known throughout the world of Nico Nico Douga and the internet. Many of them never sing songs themselves but participate in many choruses. These choruses can make even the most unappealing song into something fun and catchy. I haven't come across a chorus I didn't like. And NNCs are produced fast: to give you an idea, Lily's new song, Burning Night, which was relesed this week, already has a cover. Users who upload these videos to YouTube also move fast.

Here are some examples of Nico Nico Choruses: One, Two, Three

The second thing I want to talk about are Vocamashes. Vocamashes are remixes that combine two different vocaloid songs. Unfortunately, these are either less common on Youtube and the very few I've found are remixes of the same songs. Still, they're fun to listen to and they provide some catchy techno music. It's certainly recociled my hatred of Just Be Friends.

Some examples of Vocamashes: One, Two

So, what do you think of these aspects of fandom? Have any songs you want to share? Find yourself somewhat weirded out by all the fuss over some computer programs? Opinions please.

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Nico Nico Choruses and Vocamash
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