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 Hetalia Fanfic

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PostSubject: Hetalia Fanfic   Thu 28 Oct - 10:03

China walked happily along the path, today had been a good day...a very good day. He smiled as the sun beamed down onto his silky brown hair as it flowed past his face, he continued to walk until it was quite dark. He went home and walked into his kitchen and started to cook, he loved cooking more than anything. Maybe not as much as his brother Japan, but that was a different kind of love, family love. He heard footsteps and turned his head to see Japan walking up. "Oh Japan aru," he said happily, "I just finished some cooking, want some aru?" Japan didn't reply but slowly drew his sword, "China," he said darkly, "please forgive me." China paused looking at Japan in shock, "If your talking about the hiragana and katakana it is alright aru," he said hopefully. Japan didn't reply he dashed forward China tried to run but the other nation was too fast, he slipped as Japan slashed him across the back with his blade, "JAPAAAN!" He screamed cowering back shuffling across the floor wiping his tears.

Japan walked up to him and punched him in the jaw, "I am not your little brother and I never was," he said cruely grabbing China by his ponytail thrashing him back and forth watching him cry tears of aru. "Please Japan, I'm sorry aru!" Japan thrashed him, "STOP SAYING ARU!" He flung China to one side, he landed limply and sat up coughing up blood, "B-but Jap-pan I c-c-can't aru," he turned his head away as Japan belted him again. "DON'T SAY ARU!" "But Japan," China fell over and Japan sighed stabbing his sword one last time this time in the hand then walked off triumphantly.








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Hetalia Fanfic
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