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 Not the Taco

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PostSubject: Not the Taco   Sat 30 Oct - 2:37

Anime: World Series: Hetalia
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Item: A Chicken Taco
Time of Day: Midnight
Theme: Apocalypse
Human Names:
  1. Yao-China
  2. Alfred-America
  3. Shinatty-chan-China's Hello Kitty knock-off

It was horrible, the red liquid oozed out the side and it was almost too painful to watch. He peeled the skin back slightly further and held his mouth dropping it in the bin, worst Chicken Taco ever. Why did he even go to Alfred's home in the first place? Then eat a cruddy street vender taco? He sighed walking down the street cars and witches, that really wasn't normal was it? He turned around seeing a large red flame come towards him...it was completely dark yet the fire illuminated the entire town like it was midday.

Yao turned his head quickly, suddenly the streets were empty. This wasn't right either, so he turned around again. The fire was gone but replaced by a dark shadow of a demon, Yao gulped quickly turning tail and run. He sat down behind a garbage bin and turned back to see that the demon had turned into his precious little Shinatty-chan. He smiled running over and embracing the funny looking cat, claws came out tearing the flesh off Yao's back through his fine red clothes. "Aiyaa!" He screamed trying to push the plushie away but it didn't work. Shinatty-chan just gripped tighter this time slowly injecting it's claws of poison into the muscle on Yao's shoulder blades. That was the final straw. It hurt but Yao prised the cat off his back.

He looked at Shinatty-chan who's arms were still stuck in is own back, the cat still had a creepy smile on it's face but creepier than usual. But now it was bleeding from where he had torn the 'plushie' off his back, Yaoi gulped stepping back. "Your not Shinatty aru," he said sweeting from the poison, he started to run forgetting that running only makes poison work faster on the body, "WHY SHINATTY ARUUUU?!?!?" Yao came to rest on a dark field he then saw something strange, black cords winding around him tying him down to the ground restraining him from moving and slowly cutting him in the process, "Aiyaa!" He screamed again trying to push up out but he couldn't. Yao breathed deeply his vision was going fuzzy, he could see Shinatty-chan staring at him. "Shin-shinatty aru," he gasped, his hand flinched, and for a breif moment he was dead but then he spoke again, "w-why?"

It's Halloweeen aru.

But why is this happaening aru?

It's all in your head aru.

Then why does it hurt aru?

Because you are scared aru.

Who are you really aru?

Wang Yao aru.

But that's me aru, isn't it?

You ask alot of questions aru.

Start answering them then aru.

Okay I will answer one question aru.

What's happening aru?

Bad question, but as I said it's halloween aru.

Please aru?

I said one question only aru.

Then what happens to me now aru?

You die aru.


China lay flat down in the middle of a park.
It was half past midnight.
His blood was killing the grass.
Shinatty-chan wasn't there.
Nor were the cords.
It was all in his head.
Stupid Chicken Taco.
He was dead aru.
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Not the Taco
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