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 I don't want to wake up

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PostSubject: I don't want to wake up   Sat 30 Oct - 14:06

Anime: Hetalia/Real World/The World Ends With You
Genre: Pshycological Horror/Comedy/Romance/Parody
Item: None
Time of Day: Variable
Theme: Halloween
Human Names:
  • Yao Wang-China
  • Beat-Daisukonjo Bito
  • *Sarion-Merrin

July 8th 2010

Not much to say....not much to say at all...

July 9th 2010

I think I should...

July 10th-June 3rd 2010

Nothing is written

June 4th 2010

I'm sorry, I wish I told you...

September 14th 2010

I think it may be going out of control SAVE ME!

Pages have been torn out

Written on a scrap of paper

October 31st 2010

I wish I told the diary...I wish I confessed...now no one will know...

The police man walked around the room being careful of the smashed glass and blood, on the 31st of October at midnight Sarion had gone missing after a large smash and scream in her room. That was all that was known, but she had been acting funny before that time as well, but nobody was quite sure. The police man walked out, this girl loved anime...shame she left all her stuff.

**Does she even like you calling her that aru?
Does it matter?
No I guess it doesn't aru.

Who's that?

"Sarion!" Yao called nudging her shoulder.
"Sari!" Beat shouted proding her with a stick.
Sarion coughed sitting up rubbing her head, "But Yao," she said looking at him and Beat, "I thought you two had to leave?"
"Beat has to," Yao said sitting Sarion up against a tree, "and eventually I will go too."
"But why?" Sarion replied almost in tears.
"Your dead," Beat said blankly, "we can only exist when you believe in us, and your faith is dwindling in us."
"IT'S NOT!" She cried.
"Beat!" Yao snapped he then sighed, there were in a dream land. A field. Sarion's mind, they knew they didn't exist, especcily not in this form, "Sarion, we will get you back."
"Why would i want to leave you guys?" She asked looking at the pair of them, I don't want to go.

*Merrin is one of my oc's and my main alias...I made the name Sarion up on the spot for the character in this story.

**This story is probably really mary-sueish but we all have a little mary-sue inside of us don't we?

Will I finish? Only if people ask me to. I'm mainly experementing styles.
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PostSubject: Re: I don't want to wake up   Sun 15 May - 14:47

Please finish! this is REALLY good! i belive in you!
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I don't want to wake up
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