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 Kerro ^ w ^

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~Death Ripper~

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PostSubject: Kerro ^ w ^   Mon 3 Dec - 20:20

Hey, everyone! Pleased to meet ya. *bows a bit*

I kinda sorta dropped out of forums thing because of school, but now I'm really sick and even watching anime takes me too much energy, so here I am. My point is, probably won't be staying for a while unfortunately. It's an amazing forum, tho.

To the point, my name is Darinka (female lol), but since it's kinda hard to remember and I don't like the fact most people reading it online probably have no idea how it sounds, you can call me Lucy, Lisette, Nai or simply ~Death Ripper~, since those are alias I'm used to. Nickname won't hurt either. I'm from Serbia, I listen to rock and metal and do all the usual things anime&manga fans do. Okay, I don't visit 9gag, I quit in September, that was one hell of addiction. I'm also pretty artistic, although I never get a proper project finished. I'm drawing manga currently and I intend to get into International Comic (Manga) Competition this year, so wish me luck. ^^

As for anime and manga I prefer shounen, especially modern things like FMA, Code Geass or Death Note. I like the way society is displayed in them. I like that somewhat dark and sarcastic approach to today's problems in anime, like in No.6 for example. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm more of a western I didn't get used to 'cartoons' going trough tough topics like that, so I find it fascinating.

Aah, what else? Yeah, I adore Japan (normally) and, although I'm too lazy to listen to jRock and jPop, I love Visual Kei (I even cut my hair modern asian mullet recently, but I'm not androgenic enough to pull it off, but I love it anyways) and I adore lolita style. It's almost impossible with today's economy and fashion sense (and my height), but I would love to be a lolita. I managed to get one gothic lolita dress sewed, but I demand more. XD

So, anyways, that would be it. Hope we get along well..~
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Kerro ^ w ^
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