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 Yahoo Fanfic

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PostSubject: Yahoo Fanfic   Mon 3 Aug - 3:25

The Fall of Kira Part I ©️
A man appears before a woman who has sworn to catch Kira but has been failing in doing so....

Ryuzaki:Hmmm. aperrantly you have now gotten me well let me tell you my secret............
(Just Kidding.........or am I?)

Namine:WHAT!? HA! I ve finally found you, Kira....the police will be on their way to arrest you soon.

Ryuzaki:Its true I am Kira but I control the police since I killed Lelouch and took his Geass
Now I have Geass and everyone is obeying me

Namine:That...that s cheating....that isn t fair at all...can t we at least have a fair fight? Ah, who cares. In that case, tell me how you kill.

ryuzaki: :Okay I won t use Geass

Namine:.T thanks, but you didn t answer the question...how to you kill, Kira?!

ryuzaki::Only by the hands of a soul reaper can i be killed

Namine:Hmm...interesting....*drinks tea* I get the strangest feeling you re bringing up popular animes...no matter! I m asking you, HOW DO YOU KILL, not how to kill you...although, thank you for telling me THAT was well. :3

Ryuzaki::I kill with my mind just by thinking about a person I can kill them unlike the original Kira who needs a Death Note I can just kill by just thinking and I lied there is only one way to kill me but thats a secret

Namine:....you...just told me how to kill you though....

Ryuzaki:I can only be killed by being impaled through the heart with a katana doused with holy water
there I gave you my true weakness but it doesnt matter since you will never catch me

Namine:I will never catch you, eh...O RLY?

ryuzaki::you wont

Suzaku: Yes, very useful indeed. I would like to see how it matches up against my simultaneous use of geass and the code. None of you can catch me ,The Fugitive Recovery Agency says different..^-^ just kiddin !

Or was I?!?

Beloved:Well, since you have no use for that Death Note anymore...I was perhaps wondering..could I borrow it? I m bored and I think it would help pass the time.^^

ryuzaki:you can have this Death Note I dont need it anymore

Beloved:Score! XD

Suzaku:There he is all F.R.A. move in!

ryuzaki:Ryuzaki Raito commands you!!!!!
Now, you are all my puppets

Suzaku:Geass has no effect here, anti-Geass countermeasures have been taken!

You ve been cornered Ryuzaki.

ryuzaki:Did you forget something ? (starts thinking)
Now all of you die!!

Hmmm, looks like they re all dead.....

So be it. *calls out Lancelot Albian Mark II*

*gets in*
*struggles to find a comfortable position* aaah, there.

Now! *points double-barreled VARIS rifle at you* Ryuzaki Raito will you come peacefully?

Ryuzaki:Apperantly my ability had no effect on you hmmm..........I see you have obtained Geass as well
Now i know where you obtained wasn t it Lelouch who gave you it?So you want to fight eh
then get ready to face a true mecha the king of mechas............GUNDAM
the model i have chosen is Gundam Exia 00
*gets in Exia*
now are you ready to feel the power of the Gundam

Suzaku:Yes, Lelouch gave me this Geass he said it s my burden to bare now (his wish)...

Huh.., how was it that you got to that Gundam to fast?!?!
Ahhh, time to test the theory then eh, Ryuzaki?
*fires massive array of energy blasts*


ryuzaki:I have a transmission teleporter that allows me to get inside my Gundam at an instance
now we fight
En Garde
Initiate GM Field
Now What!!

Suzaku:T-T Transmission teleporter eh, how convenient!
(*tells self: gotta get me one of those*)

*Pulls out MVS-2 sword* I ll just have to cut through that GM Field!!!

Ryuzaki:Now lets fight the real way a Knight should
*Unfolds Exia Blade*

Suzaku:(*clashing blades*) Yes, lets...

Ryuzaki:Now feel the power of Dual GN Blades
*pulls out second GN Blade*

Suzaku:Ok then, try this
*pulls out second MVS sword*

ryuzaki:Well now I have to use this!!
*Evades counterattack and pulls out beamsaber*

Suzaku:Well, if were gonna switch swords...
*Pulls out Galahad s Excalibur (yes I took it)*
*charges toward Gundam Exia 00 in an overcomplicated flight pattern*^-^
Now this ends here!

Ryuzaki::Now we end THIS!!!
*also charges at Lancelot Albion*
*bright flash of energy surrounds the area*
*smoke develops around both mechas*
*smoke then clears showing that Exia limbs are smashed and Lancelot Albion only has its energy wings destroyed*
Apperantly your Albian is indeed a formidable opponent
but you may have destroyed my Exia but we shall meet again
for now you have emerged victorious btu I will return but with the ultimate mecha.........
Gundam Strike Freedom
*leaves with damaged Exia and disappears intp the sunset*

Suzaku:Hmmm, I coudn t catch him...
*stays, buries fallen comrades*
*rides off into the night*

theres 4 more parts but ill pit them later iff you like the first part
this fanfic was made by the people of Yahoo including me

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Tue 4 Aug - 18:05

i read a part of it and its good,ill continue later but i didnt want to leave you without comments so i like it and id like to see more parts of it
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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Tue 4 Aug - 18:08

The Fall of Kira Part II ©️

*Incoming Message*
Suzaku, if you are reading this then I am ready for a rematch for my Gundam is finished
The location of our battles will take place in Nagasaki at exactly 7:00 am tomorrow
I will be waiting but come alone for this shall be truely epic mecha battle
*End of message*

Suzaku: *arrives at Nagasaki* sorry for being late! you wont believe the traffic
[man i suck at lying]

Ryuzaki::*appears from behind rock*
Well it seems you got my message but look at that Lancelot still damaged form yesterday
hmmm what a foolish decision to battle with a damaged mech still I m not here to fight but to give you this
*gives hologram card to Suzaku*

Suzaku:........? *takes card*
:*card is activated, Hey look its Kallen as the hologram*
Suzaku Kururugi, you have been invited to participate in the annual King of Mechas Tournament. Only the best pilots from around the world are invited to this event. The winner of the tournament shall win LV.S weaponry and $700,000 in prize money but will also have the opportunity to face Master Ryuzaki in battle. Press the blue button to register. Thank you for your time
*Kallen hologram dissappears*

Ryuzaki: So do you accept?

Suzaku: I accept the terms of your Gea.....aghh, invitation.
Ryuzaki, my objectives haven t changed I ll still capture you.
*presses blue button*

Ryuzaki: Excellent, do you wish to know the other 15 contestants?

Suzaku: I don t care....
*but waits to hear you say them anyway*

Ryuzaki::Raito Hikari with his Big-O
Kaname Kirios with his Power Zoid
Sakura Hinamori with her Voltron
Lily Lenin with her Zangetsu
Higuchi Yotsuba with his Gurren MK 2
Misa Lamperouge with her Gundam RX-78-2
Megatron as himself
Optimus Prime as himself
Gin Hyuuga with his Gundam Virtue
Toshiro Tousen with his Gurren Lagann
Alexander Gritos with his Nirvash typeZERO-spec 3
Coop Smith with his Megas XLR
Takeshi Jin with his Hyurinmaru Type X
Ichigo Uchiha with his Ookima Kage
Matsuda Yamamoto with his Galahad

Suzaku:WTF!? Gurren Lagann..., how is that fair?

Ryuzaki:Not the Galaxy form but the original form

Suzaku:I see, but still,
*feels uneasy*
*remembers giant drill* =_=

Ryuzaki:Don t worry the rules state that only one pilot is allowed in each mecha
so the gurren lagann is weaker that way

Suzaku:*gets mad*
Or, I could just capture you now...?

Ryuzaki:Hmm apperantly Toshiro Tousen just suffered life threatening injuries while in practice hmm
seems him and his gurren lagann are disqualified
looks like you got lucky
now i will fill up the open spot
here we go the open spot goes to ................. ZERO?

Suzaku:That s what that bastard deserved. *puts away Death Note*
...ZERO?!?! I m in.
*thinks to self: I thought I was supposed to be Zero, hmmm*

Ryuzaki: Zero is a Maverick Hunter
*sees the Death Note in Suzakus backpack*
[I like your style
so you killed Toshiro hmm
nothing against the rules]

Suzaku:Zero, the Maverick Hunter eh?
Well, I d like to test my abilities against this imposter...
What mecha/model will he be entering in?

Ryuzaki:He is the Mecha
he is a machine

Suzaku:Oh...., I see..

(thoughts to self: this guys a beast)

Ryuzaki:So now the Tournament will be held in 2 weeks
It will take place in the Ryuk Islands
it seems you fear Zero
tell me why do you fear Zero
is it because hes got a Z-Saber or is it because he managed to defeat X

Suzaku:(thoughts to self: this guy can read thought)

Ryuzaki:well see you at the tournament
*evil grin*
*uses transmission teleporte an vanishes*

Suzaku:Yells at sky: I M NOT AFRAID OF ZERO, I AM THE TRUE ZERO!!!

(*thinks: transmission teleporter, remember to get myself one of those*)

*Sky rockets away*

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Fri 7 Aug - 15:53

The Fall of Kira Part III ©️

2 weeks later.........

Ryuk Islands

Suzaku:*arrives at Ryuk Islands*

Ryuzaki:*doors open*
Hello, Suzaku it seems you got here right on time
go to the lobby to see today s match ups

Suzaku:*pulls out katana doused with holy water*

Ryuzaki:*retaliates sword with Senbonzakura*
You are so predictable
now lets commence this tournament
youll have time to kill me if you win this tournament

Suzaku:20 minutes later

*prepares Lancelot Albion MK2-X*

*did you notice the X at the end?*

Ryuzaki:It seems you have an upgraded Lancelot
[this should be interesting}

Suzaku:Yes, now who is my opponent!

Raito Hikari vs Sakura Hinamori

Kaname Kirios vs Coop Smith

Sakura Hinamori vs Misa Lamperouge

Lily Lenin vs Higuchi Yotsuba

Gin Hyuuga vs Ichigo Uchiha

Suzaku Kururugi vs Megatron

Takeshi Jin vs Optimus Prime

Maverick Hunter Zero vs Matsuda Yamamoto

Suzaku:huh, ohh.
*was watching Transformers 2 in Lancelot*
(yes in the Lancelot, that is why it now has the X in it)

Me-ga-tron....(never heard of him) I ll make quick work of this guy...

Ryuzaki:*ready to commnence the matches*
Greetings all, you have all been selected to participate in this evebt only the best of the best have come here so now lets start

Suzaku:*waiting for glorious introduction*

Ryuzaki::*5 matches later*
Now our next match, coming out of the west wing corridor
Skilled prodigy
Suzaku Kururugi and his Lancelot Albion!
and form the east wing corridor
evil decepticon and the leader
now ready

Suzaku:*battle ensues*
Long story short,
Megatron ends up getting decapitated.

Ryuzaki:Round 1 is over
now all remainig participants go to the lobby to see the next match ups for Round 2

Raito Hikari
Coop Smith
Misa Lamperouge
Lily Lenin
Ichigo Uchiha
Suzaku Kururugi
Takeshi Jin
Maverick Hunter Zero

Round 2
Raito Hikari vs Maverick Hunter Zero

Coop Smith vs Ichigo Uchiha

Lily Lenin vs Suzaku Kururugi

Takeshi Jin vs Misa Lamperouge

*Suzaku's match*
Suzaku:I ve defeated the Zangetsu...

Ryuzaki:[it seems that you were holding back in the first round hmmmm
nevertheless we need to start the semifinals]

Ichigo Uchiha
Suzaku Kururugi
Misa Lamperouge

Suzaku Kururugi vs Ichigo Uchiha
Zero vs Misa Lamperouge

Ryuzaki:[It seems you are facing an Uchiha
hmm do you kno why he always emerges unscratched?
its because of those eyes of his
a very useful skill
lets see try to beat him]

Suzaku: One of the prized Uchiha clan I presume..

Ichigo: Yes, who are you?

Suzaku: Let me introduce myself I am Suzaku Kururugi....ZERO!!!

Ichigo: Zero, the maverick hunter???

Suzaku: No, come on Zero the leader of the Black Knights...

Ichigo: Never heard of him...

Suzaku: Brought peace to the world, freed Japan from the tyrannical government of Britannia.

Ichigo: Nope, doesn t ring any bells...

Suzaku: Ahhhh, Maybe This will help you remember!! *pulls out katana doused with holy water*......

Suzaku: *puts it away*....No, that s not what I m here for.

Ichigo: What did you want then?


Ichigo: *laughs*

Suzaku: ......What I want is a test..!

Ichigo: A test???

Suzaku: Yes, a test...between your Sharingan and my Geass!

Ichigo: *reveals Sharingan*

Suzaku: *reveals Geass*

Ichigo: Uses Ka-ton Fireball Jutsu

Suzaku: *puts it out with a fire extinguisher*

Ichigo: ....!

Suzaku: *cough* *cough*

Ichigo: I...can t see!

Suzaku: *flys down out of sky* *delivers famous spin kick to the face* See if that helps you
remember! Now Suzaku Kururugi commands you...! Forefeit!!!

Ichigo: *Consumed by the Geass* Yes your majesty! I FORFEIT!!

Suzaku: Now say I m the greatest pilot who ever lived! HA HA!


Suzaku: Yes, well now then feel free to DIE!

*clone just poofs away*
*appears with blade on Suzaku s neck*
Ichigo:hmm you actually thought that I would be taken down so easily
well arent you stubborn. but my eyes are indeed stronger than your pathetic Geass

Suzaku:Yes, I see and that it is why I took the precautions necessary.
*reveals their were mirrors placed all around room*
Now then DIE!!!

Ichigo :*closes eyes*
*then opens eyes*

Suzaku: Ughh, I m trapped in the Mangekyo Sharingan!

Ryuzaki:Ichigo just release Suzaku hes on the floor daydreaming
*sees Suzaku laughing and murumuring I finally beat him*
*kicks Suzaku*
Hey wake up your battle is ready to start

Suzaku:....glorious introduction

Ryuzaki:Now the semifinals
carrying the pride of the Uchiha Clan
on the west wing corridor
and the young talented pilot
now ready

Suzaku:*shoots out of east wing corridor* DIEEEE!!!!!!

by the way have you seen my pants, when I woke up they were just gone.

Ichigo:hmm did you forget something other than your pants
*sharingan activates and sees your movements*

Suzaku:Huh...,*you ve had them!
*reclaims pants*
Now feel my vengeance!!! *activating Geass conducting circuitry*

Ryuzaki::(hmm what is he up to?
Does he think he can actually beat an Uchiha with his Geass?)

Suzaku:*dozens of Lancelots appear before Uchiha*
With this Lancelot Albion... *delivers immensley powerful blow*

Ryuzaki:*watching Suzaku fail at landing a hit on Ichigo*
hmm hes finished
he cant possibly defeat an Uchiha
*turns out Suzaku is once again trapped in an Illusion*
*everyone laughs at the confused Suzaku*

Suzaku:*snaps out of the illusion*
*shoots massive amounts of energy bolts at laughing public*

Ryuzaki:dont shoot at my guests good thing i installed a GN field aroun the seats

Suzaku:WTF!? B/S.!

Ryuzaki:when it comes to my viewing public
now continue the match

Suzaku:...Sorry to say this Ichigo Uchiha but you won t be winning here today!

Ryuzaki:[hmm youre a determined fellow, Suzaku]


Suzaku:The AMETERASU....*dashes toward Ichigo*

Ichigo, confidently stays in place and thinks the Ameterasu will finish Suzaku
*Ameterasu hits Suzaku but before that Suzaku activated shields and ejected from Lancelot*
*Lancelot went crashing towards Ookimi Kage*
The Ookimi Kage explodes after impact of Lancelot

Ichigo: *flys out* I didn t think he would be so brash!

Suzaku: What are we to do now that both mechas are no longer capable, Ryuzaki?

Ryuzaki:dont worry
*uses some type of wierd spacetime jutsu and automatically repairs both mechas*
there you go
now continue

Suzaku:*uses transmission telporter to get in Lancelot before Ichigo*

Your Dead! *evil grin*

Ichigo: damn he got in before me
*ichigo is impaled by Lancelot s blade*

Ryuzaki:hm Kururugi it appears you can be ruthless when nececesary

Suzaku:*Destroys the Okimi Kage allows the Uchiha to continue breathing*

Ryuzaki:hmm you spared him it seems i was wrong
well lets watch Zero s match

Suzaku:But first *throws up the peace sign at crowd*

*thrusts it into Uchiha s eyes*
Geass pwns

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Fri 7 Aug - 15:53

The Fall Of Kira Part IV ©️

Ryuzaki:presenting the last match of the semifinals
on the east wing
the legendary maverick hunter
in the west wing the lovely and fiesty pilot
*1 minute later*
impossible how can a llitle robot beat a big mecha in less than a minute
it seems Zero is in fact legendary...


Ryuzaki:The Final match of the King of Mechas is now to begin
on the east wing corridor
young Suzaku Kururugi
and on the west wing corridor
the skilled Zero
*I wonder if he can beat Zero*

*Zero and Suzaku just stare at eachother*

Suzaku: [ Damn!! How am I gonna beat him if he destroyed that Gundam in less than a minute? Wait a minute...yes that'll work]

* 5 Hours Later and still no movement*
Ryuzaki::Fuck this, im gonna end this fight now!
*kills Zero*
now its all between me and you Suzaku!!

Suzaku:Huh? [damn hes finally snapped]

Ryuzaki::Get Ready To DIE SUZAKU KURURUGI!!!

*out of nowhere sand is showering the stadium*
*Gaara appears*

Gaara: Sorry if im late.

Suzaku:Hmm , thanks but we need to fight him on full strenght but first evacuate everyone from here
*sees Ryuzaki running away*

*after Gaara evacuates everyone else he joins Suzaku*

Gaara: So Suzaku, where is he?

Suzaku: no clue, but he wont hide for long

*Ryuzaki is at the blood temple when he is confronted by a demon*

Ayako: It seems my dinner is here

Ryuzaki: huh? BEGONE DEMON!!!

Ayako:What? Im not a demon im a vampire!!

Ryuzaki:agghh[ I hate vampires, so weak]

Ayako: So what ya doin?

Ryuzaki: Im preparing to kill two idiots

Ayako: sounds interesting.......Can I join? I really could use the blood leftover

Ryuzaki:[ it seems I have gained another pawn in this game] ok you can help


*Gaara and Suzaku finally catch up to Kira*

Gaara:Its no use running away...coward

Suzaku:..Gaara..whos the vamp chick...
*clouds in his mind as a fuzzy warm feeling*

Gaara: I dont care if shes with him we have no choice but to kill her too


Ryuzaki: Ayako I want you to take care of Gaara ok

Ayako: yes master

Ryuzaki: master?[ it seems I am now her master hmmmm]

Suzaku: Gaara get ready he has some kind of plan:

Gaara: ok
*is attacked by Ayako*

Ayako: hehe I hope your fun

Ryuzaki: its all up to you and me Suzaku

Suzaku: hmm
*calls out Lancelot*
*gets in using transmission teleporter*
now Ryuzaki I shall capture either DEAD OR ALIVE!!

*starts laughing maniacly*

Suzaku: huh?
*thoughts: hes finally snapped*

Ayako: this is fun

Gaara: damn that little bastard
you leave me no choice but to use my demon


Gaara:Play Possum Jutsu..
*falls asleep*
*Shikaku is released*

Shikaku: HAHAHA

eternal blck hole.......
*creates a big pit and the Shikaku falls into it*

but im going down alone
Giant Sand Funeral
*envelops Ayako*

Ayako:its useless
*destroys sand*
bye bye
you stupid racoon

*is now trapped in a hole for eternity*

Back to the real fight

Ryuzaki:hehe you shall die
*uses transmission teleporter to get inside the Gundam Exia R2*
*thats right R2*

*Ayako gets near the fight*

Ayako:master im done

Ryuzaki:excellent now leave
I dont need your help anymore

Ayako:what? but i wanna kill him

thats an order now get outta here

Ayako:thats it!
if i cant kill him then maybe ill kill you

Ryuzaki: maybe you can do this instead...
go back to my castle and transport all my mechas to Horishima

Ayako: ok master

Suzaku:thoughts to self
*good thing I have called Zero..he should be here in a while*

*Zero appears from the smoke*

Zero: Suzaku........

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Fri 7 Aug - 15:54

The Fall Of Kira Part V ©️

Suzaku: looks you made it right on time Zero.......

Zero: so who is this Kira?

Suzaku: him......
*points at Ryuzaki*

Ryuzaki: thats your back up...
a man who dares hide his face behind a stupid mask

Zero:Everyone uses a different face. Is that a sin? What is one's true face?"

Ryuzaki: ughh
*another epic line....*
who cares all that matters is that you DIE!!!
*unfolds katana and charges at Suzaku*

Suzaku: damn..........
*unfolds katana too*
this time I will you KIRA!!!

Ryuzaki: foolish boy
im doing this world a favor!!

Suzaku:*sword clash*
a favor?
what youre doing is destroying it

*Zero just watches the fight*

Ryuzaki::Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil, or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?
*clashing swords*

Suzaku:I do not beleive in justice. As justice is only a means for more war and more pain. A form of punishing those for disobeying rules, set in place by hipocrites. But one must not surrender to evil, as evil will only bring more destruction and chaos. As long as evil and so-called justice exist the world will never see a brighter future.

No matter what the world, the god of that world creates the rules. Eventually, you have been defeated by the rules I created. And as punishment for defying the God of the new world, you will die

Suzaku:youre just an insane serial killer
nothing more and nothing less......
*still calshing swords*

Ryuzaki:*manages to pin down Suzaku*
You re still too weak. You don t have enough hate, and you know something...? [leans in to whisper in Suzaku s ear] You never will...

Suzaku:*somehow he does the spinzaku and sends Kira flying to the wall*
I dont need hate what I have is more honorable than hate..

Zero: it seems you barely need my help Suzaku.........

Ryuzaki: you dont know how this world really is dont you....
to live in peace is to dream something impossible since war is a creation of man and it is an path that cannot be evaded if humans are still alive there will be conflict and with the conflict growing it upscales to war and then it becomes a problem for many
War is an urge by humans so peace can never be realized
im sorry but this is the end for all
War brings death.. And wounds and pain to both sides. There s nothing harder to accept than the deaths of those you love.. So you believe they could never die.. Especially those who haven t known war.. Like your generation
Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because. No matter how pathetic the reason, it s enough to start war. War will never cease to exist, reasons can be thought up after the fact. Human nature pursues strife.
Even you know this

Suzaku:Hmmm, Kira I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Humanity. Is it that simply being human is what stops us from acheiving peace? So many atrocities have been perpetuated. What is the root of the human nature? Greed, selfishness are the only words I can think up to describe humanity in general...Why is it we take more than we need to survive, while others are left to starve and die and do we lose an ounce of sleep by it? Do we skip dinner over genocides? Yes, this world is our prison. Only in death may we escape it.

Though before we die, our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its intended beauty. Maybe in this way we can improve the circumstances of humanity if only by a small margin.
his world is intertwined we cannot change the past, we can only build a greater future!

Zero:*decides to finish the fight*
You fool you are blinded by your own power

Ryuzaki:You call me blind
since when does humanity help itself instead of trying to find ways to destroy each other

Zero: hmm youre destiny has been locked ever since you made this decision
and that is your downfall!!

Ryuzaki:You talk like an incompentent child
there is no such thing as destiny
only decisions and i have made mine

Zero: fool you have no use for living

Ryuzaki: I am this worlds savoir
only by destroying it
can it be saved!!

Suzaku:*Collective Unconscious known as the Sword of Akasha in hand*

*spirals toward Kira (on crack)*

If you loathe this world so much I will put you out of your misery!

Ryuzaki:If you kill me you will be as low as me
once you take away a life theres no coming back
you personally know this Suzaku
we have both felt this pain
i know you still wish you had your princess
We are all
dead since we are born
The end is
there before anything starts
If to live is
to continue learning
The end is when we learn the very last thing
To finally discover the end
and learning about it completely
is what death is
We are not allowed to learn about something
Those who cannot transcend death,
shouldn t learn of anything

Zero: you cynical bastard......


I ll lay your soul to rest, think of it as a favor

As I said this is the sword of Akasha, I am not the weilder. It cannot be used for it is...


The time for final judgement has come

Zero:*grabs Ryuzaki*
its time for you to witness your own salvation

that is your weapon

Suzaku: you miserable fool ill show you there is one
*charges at Ryuzaki*
*white flash of light*

*sees sword thruted through heart*
It seems I lost by the hand of you Suzaku
he all I wanted is to cleanse this world
but it seems i dreamt of an impossible goal
but you Suzaku it seems you now what to do
fullfill my wish
cleanse this world

Zero: it wasnt your destiny to create judgement Kira.......
no one can pass true judgement only the Lord can
*lays down Ryuzaki's body*


Suzaku:(You called it a dream?) Very well, then I shall seal you inside of this dream for an eternity.

This plan of yours hmmmm, sorry Kira but you ve grown mad off your own power

*drives Sword of Akasha through Kira s heart*

Zero: its all over
the tyrant Kira is dead.......
but what he had tried was an act of hatred to the world alll becuase he has gone through so much suffering.......
may his soul be judged righfully in the Heavens.......

Suzaku: I hope so.......
*both of them leave into the sunset wondering what mad Kira hate the world so much*


Moral of the story
No matter how gifted. You alone cannot change the world

Kira The Forgotten Saviour as Ryuzaki
Skkoz as Suzaku
Ayako as herself
Omega Sarge as Gaara and Zero
Sasu as Beloved
Namine as herself

This is owned by all the cast of the story


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Saya Otonashi

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Tue 11 Aug - 15:38

It sounds interesting!


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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Sat 29 Aug - 6:36

Hehe that was so sweet.
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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Sat 29 Aug - 6:37

hehe youre finally here Skkoz

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† Łøcк тЯιgυη †

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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   Mon 12 Oct - 11:35

teehee ^_^ yes it is I the Skkoz x]
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PostSubject: Re: Yahoo Fanfic   

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Yahoo Fanfic
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